About us

Who we are?

Aster Asist's production and leadership staff has over 15 years experience in the metalworking industry. The company was founded in 2010 as a new direction of the 'mother' company since 1998. We form a unitary team of leadership and production destined for the satisfaction of our customers. The products offered by us include both the proper execution of metal structures and related services: foundations & floors, panel assembly, metal structures, interior and exterior design.

Aster Asist portfolio includes construction of industrial, commercial, agricultural, office and civil buildings (including the metal structure). The company offers complete services from design to complete project completion. We successfully offer these services and products through the close relationship with our suppliers and collaborators.

Aster Asist was the first company in Romania to offer its clients a complex online solution for calculating the investment with a small error margin in a short time (valid for building halls). The potential customer introduces a set of data available to him and obtains an informative investment report, accompanied by the estimated execution time.

We have our own quality management system and offer analysis bulletins for the quality of welding and welding works for all types of metal structures manufactured and installed by us. The projects are also accompanied by quality certificates of the basic materials used. Technological equipment meets the newest normative standards in the field of both quality and safety.

Aster Asist's versatility to clients ensures fluent, fast and prompt collaboration. Our work can be both in the total entrepreneurial and sub-entrepreneurship thanks to the seriousness of our collaborators.

The production capacity of the company increases annually thanks to the technological investments and the continuous improvement of the design and consumption of materials. As a result, in 2012 the company achieved a production of nearly 200 tons / month metal structures.


Aster Asist wants to become the ideal solution for clients looking for contractors in the field of industrial, commercial and civil construction. To achieve this goal, the company engages in ethical and efficient collaboration with our suppliers through a homogeneous and unidirectional team with the main goal of offering the highest quality - time - execution ratio.


Aster Asist primarily aims to meet customer needs by building a long-term relationship based on performance, quality, safety, flexibility and integrity. The company carries out this mission by fulfilling the objectives of the market in which it operates:

Continuous efficiency of projects at each stage (design, execution and installation).
Vertical and horizontal collaboration with our partners and suppliers.
A working environment enhanced by a positive attitude.
Offering the highest quality - cost - time execution ratio for our clients.


In order to achieve our vision and mission, Aster Asist's philosophy is based on the values ​​and skills of both our employees and our collaborators and our clients.


We reward the seriousness and performance of the human resources involved in running the projects, both in the management board and in the production. Together we have formed a homogeneous, efficient and efficient collective to achieve our mission and vision.


The company appreciates the methods of trading and relationship offered by our collaborators by assuming a responsible financial and social position in the contractual relations with our partners and clients.

Innovation and Efficiency

The team of design and management of the production team was formed based on the desire to improve the products offered. Our engineers manage every project to offer optimal solutions for low consumption of materials and minimum execution times. Aster Asist manages to bring this innovative contribution through the unique design of upstanding profile structures with minimal consumption of material.

Seriousness and Flexibility

We understand that our clients' needs are varied and unique. For this, Aster Asist promotes both an internally and externally a flexible and serious approach to any type of relationship. We have the ability to tailor and mitigate the needs of our clients, while keeping our promptness at the same time.

Trust and Reliability

The company possesses a wide range of technological and design expertise that allows us to create

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