Construction halls

Aster Asist's primary business is building multi-purpose halls: industrial, commercial, agricultural, office and civil. The construction market in Romania has been booming expansively until the global economic crisis, after which everything has changed.

Aster Asist was born in 2010 when the economic climate declined and anticipating these changes and the company formulated its market strategy to meet the new market demands: a minimum price for maximum quality. Thus, the company managed to maintain a profitable activity over time.

In order to get an informative quotation of your investment, by entering some basic building data, please use our calculation algorithm in the Calculate Investment section.

We continue our company's success by providing our customers with a full range of services including:

Foundation and flooring.

Design of metallic structures.

Execution of metallic structures.

Metal structure mounting.

Mounting panels, casted facades, etc.

All our works are accompanied by all legal documents provided by Building Law 50.

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